dog adoption.

October is National Adopt-a-Dog month, which means there’s never been a better time to make a trip to your local shelter. If you’re on the fence about bringing home a new dog, the team at Animal Care Unlimited is here to ease your mind. As long as you have room in your home, love in your heart, and a little bit of extra time to care for a new friend, you’ll make a perfect rescue dog parent. 

Why Adopt a Dog?

The United States has a puppy mill problem. There are over 10,000 puppy mills in the country today. You can learn more about a handful of these through the Horrible Hundred, a detailed report the Humane Society publishes every year. It’s a heartbreaking set of photos, research, and statistics that highlight the horror that these dogs go through in the name of profit. 

So how does this relate to dog adoption? Should you buy a dog from a puppy mill so you can at least save one life? 

No! That only motivates the unethical breeders to keep doing what they’re doing. Instead, the Humane Society has published seven concrete ways you can help the dogs in puppy mills. So don’t buy a new puppy from Petland, a roadside puppy stand, or a seemingly reputable online breeder who won’t let you visit their premises. 

Instead, adopt a dog from a shelter. It’s a way to fight back against unethical breeders. Plus, adopting a shelter dog makes space for another dog to be rescued. 

Finding the Perfect Dog 

To start looking at shelter dogs who need homes, follow your local animal shelter’s social media pages. Explore their website. Most shelters post photos and descriptions of dogs, along with:

  • Their age and breed, if these are known
  • How well they get along with other pets
  • Whether or not they are good with children 

If you see the perfect dog, you can visit the shelter to begin the adoption process. The team at the shelter can also answer your questions about a specific dog’s personality and health needs. They can even help match you with the perfectly pawsome pal for your personality and home environment. 

Next, make a wellness appointment with a veterinarian, dog-proof your home, and set up a cozy space at home for your new friend. It’s time to bond with your sweet rescue dog! 

Do you have more questions about adopting a rescue dog? Contact the team at Animal Care Unlimited and we can help. We’ll also be happy to fit your pup in for a wellness visit so you can start off on a healthy paw.