A group of animals.

The United States is virtually swimming in pets. In fact, a large portion of American households count at least one pet in the family. Some families share their home with multiple creatures. Regardless of the species, certain types of pets grab the top “Most Popular Pets in the USA” spots every year.

Most Popular Pets in the USA

Looking ahead to 2023, the top two spots are unchanged. However, the next few rankings show that certain species are gaining some serious traction. 

Dogs Dig in to the #1 Spot

Not surprisingly, dogs continue to dominate the rankings. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 38 percent of American households contained at least one dog in 2021. Dogs’ positive attributes make it easy to see why they’re so popular.

Most dogs really enjoy people and thrive on scratches and belly rubs. Dogs function as an exercise partner for their owners, who are compelled to take potty walks at least twice daily. Dogs are also generally easy to train. Finally, dogs have been shown to lower stress levels, which can potentially lead to other health benefits.

Cats Knead Their Way to the #2 Spot

Cats have a longstanding history with humans. Ancient Egyptians regarded them as mythical creatures who could provide their owners with good fortune. Today, approximately 58 million cats reside in households throughout the United States.

Some cats thrive on attention from their owners. However, many feline family members cultivate an aloof attitude that suggests they may consider their owners almost like household staff. Still, that’s part of the cats’ charm.

Freshwater Fish Swim to the #3 Spot

Almost 12 million United States households have at least one freshwater fish tank in the home. Fishkeeping is reportedly one of the most relaxing hobbies in the country. It’s particularly calming for owners with Type A personalities and for super-energetic children.

Freshwater fishkeeping is also a relatively inexpensive hobby. These clean, low-maintenance pets are ideal for apartments or even a rented room.

Birds Fly into the #4 Spot

Over 4,000 years ago, people began keeping birds for their colorful beauty. Today, almost 10 million households have avian exotic pets ranging from compact parakeets and canaries to larger parrots and cockatoos.

With the right care, bird species such as finches, lovebirds, cockatiels, and doves can thrive. In fact, larger birds can live for several decades. Birds have specialized nutrition, care, and attention needs. Therefore, potential owners should decide if they’re ready to make the commitment before bringing one home.

Reptiles Slither into the #5 Spot

Scaly reptiles are gradually becoming more popular with American pet owners. In fact, almost 6 million United States households keep snakes, iguanas, or other lizards.  

Reptiles have very strict habitat requirements. Potential owners who aren’t willing to take time to maintain a reptile enclosure should probably consider another pet.

Whichever pet is your choice, your Animal Care Unlimited veterinarian can give them a thorough wellness exam and make targeted nutrition recommendations. Call today to make an appointment.