You Deserve Support and Information to Enhance Your Pet Ownership Experience

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Animal Care Unlimited provides a variety of resources to enhance your pet ownership experience. Supportive services include behavioral training, nutritional consultations, and pet boarding and grooming for all of the species we treat.

Resources for Pet Owners

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We offer our favorite links to pet-related organizations and resources, as well as promotions that make it easier to care for your special companions. Let’s get started:

  • New Clients: Find info every new client needs including our hours and location, payment options, and our convenient online forms.
  • Adoption: View photos and read profiles of area pets looking for the perfect family.

Enjoy our pet picture gallery, giving owners of every age the opportunity to brag about their pets and document their growth.

Pet Loss

If you have experienced the loss of a pet, or are preparing for your pet’s end of life, we offer our Pet Loss & Grief Library, with information about managing that loss.

Learn About Us

Take a virtual tour of our clinic, meet our team, schedule an appointment, and visit us in our convenient location. Animal Care Unlimited is more than extraordinary veterinary services and wellness care. We support pet owners, local wildlife, and the Columbus community.

Pet Portal

Vetstreet's Pet Portal provides a wide range of communication tools that connect pet owners and veterinarians. Automatic emails, text messages, and postcard reminders enhance the veterinary-client-patient relationship, resulting in improved health for your pets.

Pet owners have access to free veterinary information and individual Pet Portals: personal, private, and customizable pet owner websites to help you manage your pets’ health care. Here you can upload pet photos, request appointments, access health records, and read peer-reviewed pet health information. You may request refills for medications orprescription diets through your Pet Portal, as well, and we will arrange to mail it to you.

Sign up for Vetstreet's Pet Portal and get:

  • Automatic email service, including appointment and medication refill reminders and pet birthday greetings
  • Private pet health web pages (Pet Portals)
  • A complete pet health education database
  • Home delivery of veterinarian-approved food and retail purchases

Visit VetStreet.

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