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Wellness and preventive care begins with an annual veterinary checkup for every pet, more frequently for those with chronic conditions, impaired immune systems, and senior pets. Contact Animal Care Unlimited to discuss wellness care for your pets.

The Wellness Visit

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A complete physical exam is the first step in every wellness visit. Lab work and other diagnostics may be included, depending upon the condition and medical history of your pet.

Expect a review of the following at each wellness visit:

In addition, our veterinarian addresses any specific diseases, injuries, or conditions that require treatment or monitoring.

Senior Pets

When your pets reach the senior stage of life, they require special care and attention to keep them healthy, maintain vigor, and maximize quality of life. Most cats and dogs are considered seniors around 7 years of age, although size and breed type will dictate that age more accurately. Other types of pets, from birds to exotics, enter the senior stage a various points. Our veterinarians advise you when it is time to implement senior pet care protocols.

Senior pet exams are important, the primary source for early identification of developing diseases and conditions. Addressing any age-related or serious health issue at the earliest stage enhances outcomes, from long-term management to an outright cure. With that in mind, we typically advise scheduling wellness exams at 6-month intervals during the senior stage.

Enjoy this excellent brochure about caring for your senior pet.

Canine Vaccinations

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The vaccinations your pet receives will vary depending upon certain factors. However, this is a typical vaccine protocol for puppies and dogs:

  • DA2PP — Beginning at 6–8 weeks old; repeat every 3–4 weeks until 16 weeks; booster at first annual visit; then 3-year booster
  • Lepto — Beginning at 12 weeks with booster at 15-16 weeks, then annually
  • Bordetella — Initial vaccination with an annual booster
  • Lyme Disease — Begin at 12 weeks of age; booster in 3–4 weeks; then annual booster
  • Rabies — Give initial vaccine at 12 –14 weeks of age; booster at first annual visit; then 3-year booster

The ASPCA® veterinarians and behaviorists offer these pet care guidelines for dogs

Feline Vaccinations

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The vaccinations your pet receives will vary depending upon certain factors. However, this is a typical vaccine protocol for kittens and cats:

  • RCCP — Kittens begin at 6–8 weeks; repeat every 3–4 weeks until 15–16 weeks old
  • FELV — Beginning at 12 weeks; booster in 3–4 weeks and at 1 year of age; if at risk, continue with annual booster
  • Rabies — Given at 12–14 weeks of age with an annual booster

Terrific guide to raising healthy, happy cats from the CATalyst Council

Cat care videos from the CATalyst Council


We recommend microchipping, a safe and simple procedure for the safety of your dogs and cats. Insertion of the microchip can be performed in our office and is often combined with spay or neuter surgery.

Learn more about microchipping.

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