Protecting Your Pet’s Vision: Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Problems

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A serious eye problem can permanently impair vision, and negatively influence overall health. The Animal Care Unlimited veterinarians are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pet eye diseases, conditions, injuries, and surgery. Regular wellness exams help us to identify developing conditions, often overlooked until there is an obvious problem.

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Pets

Cat getting Eyedrops

Eye diseases and injuries interfere with your pet’s vision, and the continuing health of the eyes. There are a variety of symptoms that indicate the need for veterinary assistance. Some recognizable symptoms of an eye problem include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Discharge
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Pawing or rubbing the eyes or face
  • Swelling or lumps around the eyes

There are many conditions that may cause the eye to simply appear irritated, such as infections and eyelash or eyelid problems. A bulging or sunken appearance should always be considered serious, as is a discharge of any kind.

Protecting Your Pet’s Eyes

Any of the symptoms listed previously are an indication that veterinary assistance is needed. Symptoms such as tenderness or sensitivity to light may suggest your pet is in pain, and should be examined by a veterinarian. A critical eye problem, untreated, can damage vison and health. Never risk your pet’s eyesight.

Eye Testing and Treatment for Pets

Doggie Eye Check

Blood tests and lab work are often performed to identify infections or other disease conditions. An important test for glaucoma is tonometry, the procedure we perform to measure fluid pressure in the eye. Digital x-rays might be needed to view inside the head, behind the eyes.

Surgery may be indicated when there is a tumor, abscess, or a foreign body imbedded in or around the eye. Other treatments include antibiotics, topical medications, or administering IV fluids. Of course, we administer pain control for all of our pet patients, to provide comfort and relief.

Once diagnosed, we always explain any necessary treatments for your pet’s eyes. Contact our hospital at once if you suspect an eye injury or other eye problem.

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