Adopting a pet.

Let’s be honest, at Animal Care Unlimited we are fans of pets no matter where they come from. Many times the right critter just finds their way of snuggling themselves into your life without any warning. 

If you are actively considering growing your pet family, though, you may be weighing the pros and cons of buying and adopting. There are many benefits of adopting a new pet, but there are also other factors to think about. 

Adopt or Buy an Animal?

If you are sure that you are able to fully commit your time, dedication, and finances, it is time to start to think about where you might look for your new addition.

People often look to buy from a breeder because they are on the hunt for a specific breed or certain characteristics. Those who want a puppy or kitten may also look to breeders to find a younger pet. 

While breeders are sure to have a stock of the specific breed and age you are looking for, it is important to remember that many behavioral and personality characteristics can be difficult to assess at a young age. Breeders also typically charge a premium for their efforts.

Rescues can be a great resource for owners who would like a purebred pet, however don’t forget that your local shelters do get purebreds as well. Puppies and kittens are not unusual to find through these venues, either, if you have your heart set on a very young animal.

While our expert team supports sourcing a new pet through a responsible breeder or a rescue/shelter, we do advise to steer clear of pet stores. These venues often source animals through less-than-reputable means. It can also be difficult to determine the health and breeding of the animals there, and they may be more prone to behavior issues due to their husbandry.

Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Did you know that the ASPCA estimates that in the United States there are over 70 million stray cats alone? And that five out of ten dogs and seven out of ten cats are euthanized simply because there is no one to adopt them? 

Adopting a pet can be a great way to help rectify these sobering statistics. There are other benefits, though. Adopting a pet can:

  • Decrease the pet overpopulation problem
  • Potentially save a pet’s life
  • Free resources to help another pet in need
  • Allow you to select a pet whose personality will fit best into your home
  • Decrease revenue to puppy mills, helping to stop this practice
  • Change the life of a special pet
  • Lower the initial cost of obtaining a pet
  • Help encourage others to do the same
  • Help you find access to long-term pet care support and resources
  • Develop a relationship between yourself and a local shelter or rescue

Many shelters and rescues require that interested parties demonstrate their ability to be good pet parents. This may include an application, references, and/or a small adoption fee. 

No matter whether you adopt or buy, adding a new pet to your family is always exciting! Please contact us when bringing them home so that we can establish care right away and get to know your new friend!