exotic pet grooming.

If sanding an iguana’s nails or bathing a hedgehog sound like fun, rewarding experiences, exotic pet care is for you. While grooming may not be the first thing on a prospective exotic pet owner’s mind, a clean look is crucial for reasons beyond pure aesthetics. Beak trimming, feather care, and reptile skin care (to name a few) are essential aspects of exotic pet ownership. Animal Care Unlimited is happy to share the best approach to exotic pet grooming for success and safety. 

Setting the Scene

Setting up a habitat for an exotic pet and figuring out their highly specialized dietary needs are absolute priorities. It is vital that an exotic pet is safe, secure, housed at the right temperature/humidity, free of unsanitary conditions, and has easy access to enriching or entertaining toys. Once you have all of this dialed in, you can begin to plan ahead for exotic pet grooming. 

A Look at Their Needs

We recommend scheduling an initial wellness exam shortly after you bring home an exotic pet. This can provide you with peace of mind that your exotic pet is healthy, and we can discuss the many ways you can maintain their wellness over the coming years. This approach to long-term health includes regular wellness exams and, of course, exotic pet grooming. 

We are proud to offer complete exotic pet grooming services, including (but not limited to):

  • Beak and teeth trims
  • Wing trims and feather care
  • Nail trims

Although some substrates are rough, the habitats of many exotic pets aren’t coarse enough to shave down or shape the nails when the animal walks around (as they would in the wild). As such, maintaining the shape and length of the nails is essential. In the absence of routine nail trims, exotic pets can suffer damage to their feet and toes. 

As the Name Suggests

While exotic pets have similar needs to more mainstream pets, their name correctly suggests that their care requirements are highly unique. 

Beak trims for our feathered friends help them maintain proper bite and alignment. Without regular trims, birds can experience trouble eating and associated health problems. 

Wing trims are purely elective, but bird owners may opt for this service to prevent loss of or injury to their bird. Often, wing trims can help manage behavior and reduce aggression

Pocket Pets

Ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and hedgehogs benefit from routine attention to their coats (or quills), skin, teeth, feet, and tails. Depending on their history, nutrition, environment/habitat, and lifestyle, pocket pets can sometimes need a little extra help. Please fill out this form to schedule an appointment. 

We Love Exotic Pets!

If you have questions about exotic pet grooming or their overall wellness, please give us a call at (614) 766-2317. Whether your pet is furry, feathered, quilled, or scaled, our staff members love to see and treat all different kinds of exotic pets at Animal Care Unlimited.